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Presentations and workshops

Ethics and trusted AI presentations and workshops for your stakeholders, developers, managers, legal stafff and users.

Assessment reports

We deliver comprehensive AI risk and opportunity reports of your application, your legal environment and for all stakeholders.

Communication and PR training

Communication and explanation training for your staff. Different stakeholders have different communicaiton needs regarding your application.

Explainable AI for developers

Practical XAI implementation strategies for developers: From ML techniques to effectivley managing communication.

Tactical & strategic AI modeling

Multiagent modeling and simulation of your AI application and its and complex environment for tactical and strategic insights.

Trusted AI dashboards

Reusable trustable AI model dashboards for ongoing application and environment analytics and scenario testing.

Trusted solutions

We support AI companies with their applications to have a high untroubled impact.

Impactful AI applications already have a high complexity and any additional disturbing complexity should be avoided. From fundamental ethical considerations to ML techniques to assure explainability, we provide the de-risking of AI applications in their wider environment.

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Steering in difficult AI waters

The quality of our AI compliance assessments involves a customized and managed approach by setting priorities for specific types of clients and projects.

We're always ready for
AI complexity challenges

We analyze your AI application on different technical levels, from bias analysis of training data to ML techniques to assure explainability.
We evaluate the compliance of your AI efforts regarding applicable ethical frameworks, policies as well as national and international legislation.
AI is always embedded in a broader societal, political and cultural context that has to be considered in a comprehensive analysis.
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Choose your plan to responsible AI

We know that every AI company is different and demands a customized path to AI ethics.


With our dashboards we offer a customized path to AI ethics including installation, indicator provision, research, trainings and workshops as well as ongoing support.

Standard features
Dashboard installation and setup
Provision of industry specific indicators
Interactive evaluation of application specific indicators
Visualization of indicators
2 month project support
Half day introductory seminar


220 mo

Dashboard installation
Provision of industry indicators
Evaluation of application indicators
5 visualizations of indicators
Half day interactive dashboard setup
Half day introductory seminar
Popular Choice


450 mo

Dashboard installation
Industry and application indicators
20 visualizations of indicators
1 day indicator research included
2 year project online support
2 day training / workshops


850 mo

Dashboard installation
5 days indicator research
Full maintenance on request
Unlimited visualizations
Unlimited online project support
10 days company and stakeholder training & involvement
Build trust in your AI

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