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Complex adaptive AI systems

Complex adaptive systems are systems where a perfect understanding of the parts does not necessarily lead to the understanding of the whole, much like AI systems.

Simulation of complex systems

Modeling and simulation is the technology of choice to get insights of complex AI systems, including goals, developers, code, managers, regulators and society.

Multiagent simulation

Agent-based simulation allows to simulate human-like actors with goals, decisions and behaviours. The interaction of actors in the AI system reveal threats and opportunities.

AI risk models

The simulation of risk scenarios integrates adverse actions of the participants of the AI ecosystem, e.g. regulators, society or other businesses. Analysis of these risks may be the groundwork for actions.

Strategic models and scenarios

Strategic models are multiagent simulation models including the wider societal, political and cultural context, positioning your application in this dynamic landscape.

Corporate AI dashboards

Corporate AI dashboards provide responsive and ongoing monitoring of your AI application and its broader dynamics through cloud-based modeling and simulation.

Simulation insights

Modeling and simulation excels at managing complex and risky environments.

The human mind has difficulty to dynamically monitor more than seven factors at the same time. Modeling and simulationa allows to analyze scenarios with thousands of agents and actors, interacting over time and with different goals and behaviours.

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Orchestrating successful action in complex landscapes

In complex AI business and legal environments, one major misstep can have fatal consequences for a company. Modeling and simulation allows to be virtually ahead of the curve.

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