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Trusted AI

We are driven by the desire for comprehensive trust in AI.

From code to society, AI is embedded in a complex web of influences and interactions. Applications, data, human behaviour, business and politics determine on different levels the use of AI for a common good. We develop tools to analyze risk scenarios and opportunities in a complex AI environment.

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Trust and AI ethics

Trust and AI ethics don't stop with flawless code. AI applications are embedded in society and every company is accountable for it.


AI risk scenarios

We provide comprehensive scenario evaluation for companies on all connected levels: applications, ethics, business and social environment.


Multiagent modeling and simulation

Dynamic scenario evaluation of AI environments, based on multiagent simulation, provide decision support for now and in the future.


AI risk and opportunity scenarios going below the surface.

AI will have a major impact on every level of society now and in the future. In an ever changing environment of dynamic legislations, cultural influences in ethics and moral and data privacy requirements, AI operates in a highly complex landscape. Trusted AI Solutions provides analysis, simulation and consulting for all companies developing AI applications to discover risks and opportunities of their efforts.

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