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Ethics solutions
to deliver the potential of AI

A multi-disciplinary team

International in perspective and based in Switzerland, Trusted AI Solutions is a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists, ethicists, sociologists and other AI experts.

Passionate about networks

Global networks are the lifeblood of AI Ethics. Cooperations with SwissCognitive, CognitiveValley and other international organisations in AI Ethics are a central part of our activities.


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Passionate for the interaction of technology and society

Why choose us? Because we want to know it all.

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Dedicated to society

We believe in the beneficial relation and interaction of technology and society. As with society in general, careful consideration, deliberation and thougthful decision are key to a fruitful interaction.

Dedicated to AI

Closer to the human than steam, electricity and other breakthrough technologies, AI needs special coonsideration and moderation efforts similar to nuclear energy. The opportunities are huge, yet the dangers as well.